Exam Resources

One of the fantastic things about being present for your children’s learning, is that you have a pretty good idea of what they are understanding, and what they are struggling with.  You know what material they have learned and what material perhaps need more practice.  So testing isn’t necessary.

Yet, as my children moved closer to graduation and applied for post-secondary institutions, the reality of the need to be able to take tests grew.  My high school students and I have worked our way through various tests as a means of learning what tests are like, how you can take them more effectively, ways to “beat” some questions, and as a indication of how they are doing in comparison to the provincially accepted standards.

Here are some of the sites I have used over the years to help in this area.

MB Science Practice Exams with Keys

MB Social Studies Practice Exams and Keys

BC overview of Exam Information

BC High School Sample Exams

BC E-exam Samples

Alberta Online Practice Exams for Grades k-12



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