Webinar: Myths and Misconceptions of Home Education

I am so excited to be offering this webinar through the Neufeld Institute alongside Tamara Strijack of the Neufeld Faculty. Tamara and I have over thirty years of home-based learning between the two of us!! We are both committed to helping parents create the strong attachment bonds that are necessary for children to grow and learn.

This webinar is an intro to a four-week course we are offering in May on attachment and home-based learning.

10 to 11:30 AM PT

Home-based learning, or homeschooling, is a growing alternative to traditional classroom schools, but there are many myths and misconceptions surrounding its implementation and long-term success. Join Tamara Strijack and Jennifer Gehman, two veteran homeschooling parents, as they look at some of the most common myths and misconceptions including socialization, teaching versus parenting, and the “right” curriculum.

It is very easy to participate in our 90-minute online webinars. No special software or technical equipment is required. All that is needed is a high-speed internet connection. Each participant is able to see the presenter and the PowerPoint slides and can ask questions in a live chat. The cost is only $25.


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