Presentation: The Science of Play and the Art of Relationship

I am excited to be offering this presentation via skype with the Home Educators of New Brunswick on Saturday, May 26 at 3pm Atlantic time.

The Science of Play and the Art of Relationship – Back to the Basics of the Learning Equation (via Skype)
We live in a technological information age – a time when it seems that all knowledge is available at our fingertips. Yet
with so much information so conveniently accessible, why do our children seem to be losing their sense of wonder and
curiosity? As adults, we often focus on looking for the best curriculum or the most innovative learning technology, but is
it possible that true learning comes from a different place? Developmental science is giving us clues to what is truly
needed to thrive in today’s rapidly changing world. Evidence is on the rise that play in the context of a safe and
nurturing relationship is a child’s best bet for learning. Jennifer will look at the pivotal and sometimes surprising roles of
relationship and play in the learning equation including how we as adults can help create the conditions for our children
to grow and thrive.

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